Air Operations


Air Services

Servicios Aerocomerciales

Servicios de Transporte Aéreo & Operaciones Aéreas

Passenger Air Transport

Creación de Empresas de Servicio de Transporte Aéreo de Pasajeros, Aerolíneas Comerciales, Turn Key Projects for new Airlines Companies, Developing & Deploying New Airline Routes

Air Cargo Industry

Turn Key Projects for new Air Cargo Companies, Airline Cargo Solutions, Cargo Modules, Consulting Services, Featured Resources & Logistic Solutions

Air Medical Services

Air Ambulance, Organ Transplant Transport, COVID-19 Medical Flight, MEDEVAC, Neonatal and Pediatric Air Ambulance, Medical Flight Crew, Commercial Airline Medical Escorts, Commercial Medical Stretcher Services, etc.

Business Aviation & General Aviation

Turn Key Projects to Create a new Aviation Corporate Service: Business Aviation, Air TAXI, Charter flight, jet aircraft rental, etc.

Servicios Aéreos Especiales

Emergency Risk Management & SAR
Emergency & Risk Management (EMR), Special Aerial Responses, Disaster Risk Reduction & Resilience, Crisis Management Solutions, C4-EMERSAR, Cooperation w/ Civil Authorities

Servicios Aéreos Especiales
SAR (Search and Rescue), MEDEVAC, Crane & Lifting Work, Sling Operations, Off-Shore Operations, Operations in Extreme Climates and Polar Zones, Air TAXI, etc.-"HELI-CONDOR": Special High Mountain Operations Course with Helicopters

Trabajos Aéreos - Actividades & Operadores

Agriculture Aviation

Aerial Fire Fighting

Weather Modification

Aerial Photography

Aerial Films & Photos

Aerial Advertising & Towing

Power Lines Inspections

Cargo Hook - External Loads

Aerial Slingwork

OffShore Activities

Search & Rescue

High Mountain Operations

Airborne Sensors & Systems

Aerial Magnetometry, Geophysical Prospection, Seismic, & Others

Aerial Relay Comm & Data

Flight Inspection & Radio AIDs

Aerial Oil Spill Response

Maritime Aerial Survillance

Aerial Fishery Inspection

Sistemas Aéreos No Tripulados - OPS & Servicios

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – sometimes referred to as drones – are aircraft without a human pilot onboard. Instead, UAS are remotely piloted by a controller on the ground and, in some cases, may have autonomous capabilities

Drones Aerial Photography

Agriculture Applications

Cargo & Delivery

Infrastructure Inspection

Drone SAR

[ UAM ] - Urban Air Mobility

Tiltrotor Aircraft


eVTOL Aircraft

Flying MotorBikes

ALIA eVTOL Aircraft

eVTOL Aircraft

Embraer eVTOL

UBER eVTOL Airport

City Airbus eVTOL