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UAS CARGO - 2.5 tn - eVTOL

This is a new generation of regional cargo UAV that offers high-efficiency, all-weather operation with vertical landing and takeoff (VTOL) capabilities. It carries a VTOL payload of up to 5,400 lbs / 2,455 kg over a distance of 1000 nm / 1850 km with a cruise speed of 200 knots / 370 kph. The cargo bay is easily accessed through the nose and can carry LD-1, LD-2 or LD-3 cargo containers or bulk cargo using a convertible roller floor, establishing the Rhaegal as an advanced, versatile and efficient air cargo solution.

UAS CARGO - 1.2 tn -eVTOL

Unmanned Aircraft System Technology expects to partners with Cainiao, a logistics company controlled by e-retailer Alibaba Group, to develop and market cargo drones. The design should be finished by 2018 end, a prototype constructed in 2019 and test flights should begin in 2020 to establish a delivery network around 2025. The twin engine aircraft would be 11.9 m (39 ft) long with a 19.6 m (64 ft) wingspan and a 3.6 t (7,900 lb) maximum takeoff weight, for a 1,500 km (810 nmi) range carrying 1 t (2,200 lb) of cargo within 16 m3 (570 cu ft), cruising at 360 km/h (190 kn).

Nuuva V300




PAL-V "Flying Car"

PAL-V "Flying Car"

Klein Vision - Flying Car

Klein Vision - Flying Car