Air Operations


Servicios Aereos Speciales

Emergency Risk Management & SAR
Emergency & Risk Management (EMR), Special Aerial Responses, Disaster Risk Reduction & Resilience, Crisis Management Solutions, C4-EMERSAR, Cooperation w/ Civil Authorities

Servicios Aéreos Especiales
SAR (Search and Rescue), MEDEVAC, Crane & Lifting Work, Sling Operations, Off-Shore Operations, Operations in Extreme Climates and Polar Zones, Air TAXI, etc.-"HELI-CONDOR": Special High Mountain Operations Course with Helicopters

[ UAS ] - Unmaned Aerial Systems - OPS & Services

Sistemas Aéreos No Tripulados - OPS & Servicios

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – sometimes referred to as drones – are aircraft without a human pilot onboard. Instead, UAS are remotely piloted by a controller on the ground and, in some cases, may have autonomous capabilities

Photography & Videos

Agriculture Applications

Cargo & Delivery

Infrastructure Inspection

Drone SAR

Inaccessible Places Drones

Fire Fighting Drone

Medical Drones

Data Analysis Drones

Blade Cleaning

Cleaning Windows Drones

Drones Lights Show

Surveillance Drones

Painting Drone

Tiltrotor Aircraft


eVTOL Aircraft